About Me!

My Story

Sup everybody, my name is Mario D. Gibson, I am the Founder and CEO of Family Legacy Industries, established in 2018.  I am going into my third season of marital bliss with my beautiful smart and ambitious wife, Kristi.  Together we share five beautiful children and two beautiful curious grandchildren.  My wife and I both are adventurous and spontaneous outgoing couple.  We love to do anything that does not get us put in jail, put in the hospital or end up dead!!!  I love to appreciate and enjoy art in all of its forms.  I was born with the natural talent of art, the ability to create and build through the power of thought.  My interests are reading self-development books, spirituality, history, traveling all over the world with my wife, health and wealth, and spending time with family.  My hobbies are helping adolescence develop their self-worth through spirituality, health and finances, also working to develop my business, Family Legacy Industries.

I am the son of Freddie and Deborah, a solid and strong foundation coming from a spiritual family, me being the youngest of two older brothers, no sisters. Originally born and raised in the suburb of East Cleveland Ohio.  Both my parents gave me a solid stable spiritual foundation and constantly instilled in me principal and values.  Growing up in a predominately dark skin community and attending schools where majority of the people looks just like me, the inner city school system quickly labelled me with learning disability and dyslectic.  Really, I chose to be lazy and consciously not do anything in school until I realized for myself, if I was to accomplish my definite chief aim in life, I needed school as a tool and a diploma as a necessary document to be successful. I then joined the military and serve as a veteran for three years in the US Army and graduated from the Cuyahoga Community College Police Academy’s class of 2010. Ambitious and egger to find my self-worth, I struggled with trying to understand, who am I and what is my purpose!  I made a conscious choice to stop believing what everybody told me or taught me, including my parents and studied spirituality and history for myself.  Eventually I sought my own truth and develop my own philosophy.  Through constant praying and meditation, it took me all my life to figure out what exactly my spiritual divine purpose in life was. I had been doing this most of my life and did not realize this is who I am. I finally accepted God’s divine purpose for my life. And now, my career by purpose has allowed me to devote myself to serving adolescences for the pass fifteen years.  And I love it!!!

Everyone should have a legacy.   If not, then what else is there to live for?  Since you can’t take it with you, you might as well leave it to your off springs.  Every family should leave a legacy, something that is priceless; something that will never die and can be passed through generational family bloodline.  What is your legacy?  What is your family legacy?  How are you invested in your legacy?  I have learned the story of my family legacy and I intend to make sure it’s passed on through my seeds.  Learning my family’s legacy helped me to understand and determined what my legacy will be, my sense of purpose and drive.  I have created and set forth my legacy that will be passed on for generations to come.

This is the story of my family’s legacy as it was given to me by my father.  I can only imagine as I close my eyes while my dad rehearsed the family history to my brothers and I, how far back we have traced our bloodline.  We have traced our family back to my father, Freddie Gibson’s great grandfather, George Gipson, my Great, Great, grandfather!  George Gipson was put on the slave bidding block, like an old school class “64” caddie up for auction being sold to the highest bidder of a bunch of hungry auto mechanics and egger automobile lovers, in North Carolina as a slave at the age of seven years old.  I can only imagine what was going through George and his family’s mind as I stare into a picture of my now six and a half year old son’s school picture as a tear drop trickles down my cheek.   As George stood there confuse and I’m sure scared staring into the crowd while they are looking at him like he’s  piece of property, not knowing if he would ever see his parents again, like a puppy being torn away from his mother’s milk and sold to an excited young boy waiting to embrace his new pet.   Forced to leave with strangers who he had no idea what they had planned for him, only to look over his shoulder to see his father rolling on the ground crying like a child throwing a temper tantrum, as George was being led away to his new owner, new master, or new purchaser, the Tate Evans Family, like a lamb being led away by his shepherd.  Right before George’s departure, his mother was reaching and leaning towards him with her hand out holding something in it, calling his name trying to give whatever she had in her hand to him, not knowing that whatever his mother had in her hand, was the birth of a sure to come family legacy that will be passed on through generations years later and still going like the energizer bunny, “still going”!  George’s mother gave him a needle and a strand of thread. She told him, “When your clothes get worn and torn, take this needle and thread, you mend them together”!  Now, you might think that it’s just a needle and a piece of thread, but to the family, this gesture mints a whole lot more.  Now, I wasn’t there, but I can only imagine what the intent was or what the meaning behind that needle and thread was.  My interpretation is the needle represents George Gipson, the thread represents the family bloodline, and the worn and torn clothes represent the Gipson family scattered throughout the nation.  In other words, I am the needle of the Gipson bloodline; it’s my duty to keep my family sewn together.  That is the Family Legacy!!!  We are continuing to sew the Gipson Family Legacy to keep from becoming worn and torn apart like George standing away from his siblings on the slavery bidding block.

Family Legacy Industry was established in 2018 by me, CEO and Founder.  My company’s mission statement is to assist our clients in mending relationships whether it is by special events, business, or family through the service we offer.  Everyone has worn and torn places that has occurred in their lifetime.  Be the needle to your legacy and let my company assist in mending your vision.  So please, invest in your legacy!